Morchella Importuna : Landscape Black Morel

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Morchella Importuna : Landscape Black Morel

Mycelial Growth temperature: 70-75F

Fruiting temperature: 40-60F

Sclerotia temperature: 60-65F

10cc Liquid Culture Syringes are Ready to ship, please allow 1-2 weeks for Petri plates or Slants.

Cultivation: Black and yellow Landscape morels such as we sell are a great mushroom if you are attempting to cultivate for the first time.

Methods used include a layer of grain at the bottom of a jar or bag with a layer of moist sawdust on the top (sterilized). Do not mix sawdust and grain. Bags or Jars are inoculated and then colonized for at least 3 weeks till sclerotia forms within the sawdust. This sawdust is then transferred outdoors and planted in sawdust bark beds from November to January.

Although this culture does produce sclerotia on petri dishes and in grain/sawdust bags, we can not guarantee your success with cultivation as this is experimental and for very advanced mycologists. We guarantee culture viability and ability to form sclerotia.

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